I am not going to apologize for my respect for MARTHA STEWART and her empire.  I got hooked on her when she had that problem where she had to serve time.  I am not going to debate here the unfairness of that, but rather enjoy her for being strong and taking on the chin and went in early.  She got me hooked.

MARTHA STEWART has to be the only one I have ever heard of that does all that appears in her Books, TV Shows, Radio, Magazines, Web Sites , Blogs or anything to do with the home front.  MARTHA really puts into practice that which is important for all of us, in and outside the home.

I will try to slant all that I show of her toward the wallpaper and fabric part of her world, but please indulge me if I get a little carried away. I may want to show MS. STEWART at her most glamorous or as I like to think, the way I see.

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